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I am a Game Developer who enjoys long walks and working on video games when the goal is to make a something fun or supportive for the team and not just a fancy piece of technology.

I like working on game engines, business development issues, and helping other people on my team figure out strange problems. I have my own indie startup that I moonlight with because I'm the happiest when I can wear or contribute to multiple hats (programming, business, marketing, etc) and let my motivation drive my work. I view my previous engineering experience as a supportive role, where I would implement features that support the needs of the rest of the team, and I am looking for new opportunities that allow me to further that role.

My most recent work was on the innovative XBLA shooter "Hybrid" with 5TH Cell Media in Bellevue, WA. Before that I worked at FuelCell in Fremont, WA working on the award winning "Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet" for XBLA and Steam. I am currently helping my team at my startup, EveryWare, finish up the fun and innovative DSiWare / 3DS eShop tower defense game "Power Defense".

Here you can look at the projects I've worked on, view my resume, and check out some of my code samples to get an idea of what kind of developer I am and if I would be a valuable addition to your team.

Programming experience and development interests

  • Game engine architecture
  • Lua Integration and Gameplay systems
  • Tools for Developers
  • In-Game Editors for Players and Developers
  • Physics systems
  • Animation systems
  • Networking systems
  • Multiplayer based or Physics based Gameplay
  • Prototyping new game mechanics
  • Pitching to publishers
  • Planning milestones
  • Collaborating with a small team
  • Wearing multiple hats & helping pull everything together into something fun and awesome
  • Experience with PC, XBox360, and DSi Development
  • Expanding my debugging and performance optimizing strategies

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